Who is this guy?

Hi! Salut! Ciao!
I’m Carlo Rizzo, enchanté.

In a nutshell, I tell stories.
I'm an editor, mostly for films, television shows and commercials.
My goal, to ensure that the essence of the story comes to life on screen in the most compelling and impactful way possible.

Chief editor, creative consultant, edit doctor, team lead, I can and enjoy wearing many different hats.
My work has taken me to the US, various countries in Europe and Asia.
really enjoy working with multilingual and multicultural teams.

Some of my personal projects include writing and directing short films, commercials, music videos, television shows and documentaries.
I’m currently wrapping up the post-production of my most recent short film while developing a TV comedy show. 
In my spare time I’m writing a book about the art of editing for Dixit Editions .

Et voilà!  

If you need this... well...

If you are looking for more... then
+33 6 74 78 17 33

Merci! Grazie! Thanks!
Salut! Ciao! Bye Bye!

More? Really?

Ok. So what follows is for curious, adventurous and open minded people who wish to know the really amazing and true story around how I became an editor and who is the guy behind this Italian name. (sorry guys only in Français)

Ready to get to the good stuff?